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Arkansas Casinos: Diamonds Among the Rubble

Arkansas is located in the Southern side of United States with more than 3 million in population. The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock and it is the only state with an official pronunciation and where diamonds are naturally found.

There are only a few Arkansas casinos all over the state but tourists and local visitors can surely find a gambling venue in various places within the state.

The Cherokee Casino is one of the popular casinos in Arkansas. It is open 24 hours daily and has an area of 50000 square feet, a restaurant and a bar that features live music. The Cherokee Casino has 40 table games such as roulette, craps and poker which occupy 19 tables all in all. There are 813 electronic gaming machines that this casino is truly proud off.

The Cherokee Casino features poker tournaments where many gamblers can play against each other to win the coveted payout. The Cherokee Casino has many features in store for its visitors, local or tourist alike. The selection seems endless and there's much activity to engage in to.

The Spinzz Casino is another Arkansas casino which is located in Holiday Island. It was previously closed down due to disagreements with the state government, however it reopened recently and the Spinzz Casino is again back in business. There is also the Spinzz Casino Hotel which is closely situated to the casino where visitors can relax and spend the night after a tiring game.

One town in Arkansas has a rich gambling and casino history. The city of Hot Springs used to be one of the United States' original sin cities, aside from the many 140-degree natural mineral springs. Hot Springs was an assembly ground for gangsters, not for showdowns or shootouts. The Nittis and Capones used to visit Hot Springs to sit down and discuss things peacefully, just simply sinking in to the tranquil ambiance of this wonderful destination while talking to their famed rivals.

Arkansas casinos in Hot Springs are quite historic and there are a number of them in this city despite of their unlawful operations. The local folks insisted that good revenues have been pouring since these casinos opened and they want to keep them in business.

Though there are only a few casinos in Arkansas but gamblers will certainly have a great time visiting any one of them. The best place to be is the Cherokee Casino and the Spinzz Casino for they are the best among the best in Arkansas. Online casinos are also abundant and players can just click on any Arkansas casino site.