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Online Gambling Bill May Hit Roadblock in Senate

A congressional aide has let on that the measure that was passed by the House in March that seeks to make online gambling a federal crime appears to have reached a snag in the Senate.

The legislation which passed the House would prevent banks and credit card companies to accept transactions pertaining to online gambling.

"It will cut the flow from financial institutions to gambling web sites," said Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., a supporter of the legislation. "The gambling entity would simply never be able to collect the debt owned by the gambler."

However, the democratic aide said that the bill is not likely to be discussed in the Senate before the scheduled recess. He was also uncertain whether the legislation will even come up before November's elections. Moreover, it is said that the Republicans senators are split on the bill.

"It is senseless that these legislators and their staffs are wasting Congress' time trying to develop prohibitory bills that satisfy various vested interest groups," said Keith Furlong, deputy director of the Internet Gaming Council, referring to the legislation's exemption of of state-run horse racing and lotteries. The IGC is a trade association for the online gaming industry, which opposes the legislation.